0% Interest Free for your garden - Split the payments over 24 months (T&Cs apply)

0% Interest Free for your garden - Split the payments over 24 months (T&Cs apply)

0% Interest Free for your garden - Split the payments over 24 months (T&Cs apply)

0% Interest Free for your garden - Split the payments over 24 months (T&Cs apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean artificial grass?

There are a number of things that you can do to keep your artificial glass clean. Take a look at our article here for a detailed answer.

Is artificial grass okay for pets?

We have a range of artificial grass products that are perfectly suited to pets. One of our sales team would be happy to recommend the right type of artificial grass to suit your pet.

How do I clean up after pets on artificial grass?

With the exception of summer, when it comes to cleaning up after your pet, all you need to do is pick up the waste and hose down the area afterwards. You needn’t worry about urine, it will naturally drain away, and the colour of your artificial grass won’t fade either. In summer, however, you do need to water down the urine after your pet goes to the toilet. During this warm season, if the urine stays too long in the grass, it may begin to smell.

What artificial grass products reduce odours from pets peeing on the grass?

One of our products, Easi-zeofill, features crushed quarry stone from Nevada that absorbs in the urine and reduces the potency of odours. A layer of zeofill is fitted under the grass as well as a layer brushed into the grass on top. This reduces odours and helps with the drainage of the urine and water through the grass. The other product is the Easi-pong which, when mixed with water and applied to the grass, also helps reduce the smell of odours of the grass and helps keep it clean.

Is artificial grass suitable for children?

Artificial grass is perfect for children. Our products feature a safe, non-slip technology, hardwearing materials and can even be fitted with a shock pad base for extra security. Ultimately, this means that play time for children will be safer for them and less messy for you.

How is a garden prepared for artificial grass?

To prepare a garden for artificial grass, we will first use our Easi-protect product to guard the perimeter of the lawn before removing the old turf. We will then install a weed membrane and add aggregates or any other product-specific layers, such as our Easi-zeofill or a shock pad.

Will weeds and moss grow on an artificial lawn? How can you stop weeds and spores growing in the grass?

We recommend two products that help keep spores from growing on the lawn: Resolva or Weedol.  These are both low-bleached weed killers which will easily remove weeds and won’t harm the grass at all. In terms of prevention, routine inspections are the best way to nip these problems in the bud.

Can you fit artificial grass on decking or patios?

Yes you can. This is called a dry fit and, depending on the decking or patio area, we may recommend you use our shock pad system (underlay) to be fitted first. This will stop any lines of the patio or decking area coming onto the grass when it has been fitted.

Can foxes, squirrels and other animals dig up the grass?

When fitting Easigrass, we secure the edges with a tuck and pin system, meaning there is no direct edge for the foxes or squirrels to get their paws into. This helps keep the grass firmly in place and sneaky animals at bay.

Does the size and shape of my garden matter?

No. Thanks to our skilled and experienced fitters, we can install artificial grass in gardens of all shapes and sizes without sacrificing accuracy.

I have a small tree in the garden, can Easigrass be fitted around it?

Yes, it can. When we fit around trees, we always leave small slits in the grass. These slits allow the tree trunk to grow without it ripping the grass. If the grass looks like it cannot “open” any further, call our Essex office and one of our fitting team will be on hand to rectify this and allow for further growth of the tree.

Will artificial grass get hot in the summer months?

It doesn’t get too hot.  Our grasses are triple yarn grasses, meaning that the heat is contained at the base of the grass. If the summer is particularly long and hot, then we do recommend you use a water hose to keep the grass cool and moist, particularly if you have children or pets.

Can you put furniture on the grass or will it cause damage?

Yes, you can put your garden furniture onto Easigrass and, no, this will not damage the base. However, it will crush the grass where the legs of the furniture meet the turf. This can be easily brushed out, especially in warmer weather, by using a good, stiff garden brush. In colder weather, it does take a little bit longer for the grass to stand back up straight.

Can you have garden ornaments when you have Easigrass fitted?

Yes you can, but you need to be careful with the particular sorts of garden ornaments you are putting in the garden. If you have ones that reflect the sunlight, this may cause a prism of heat which will singe the grass. So, it’s best to stay clear of reflective ornaments as this could damage the lawn.

Do you offer a grass maintenance service and how often will we need this?

Yes, we do. The brochure can be sent over to you or you can see these details on our website. It is recommended that yearly maintenance is done to keep your grass in great condition. Our current maintenance deal: buy 4 years of maintenance and get the fifth year free of charge.

How long will artificial grass last?

Artificial grass will last around 20 years, depending on how much traffic it gets. It’s worth noting that all of our artificial products come with a 10 year guarantee, so you can rest assured your low-maintenance lawn will be with you for a long while!

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