7 Autumn Gardening Jobs & Maintenance Tips

Posted: October 30, 2020

Bright yellows, burnt oranges, deep reds – autumn is a popular season for gardeners all over the world. However, it’s also the season to get on top of outdoor maintenance in time for the grip of winter. 

Whether it’s clearing shedding leaves, planting autumn bulbs or tidying up borders, in this article, we’ll take you through essential autumn gardening tips to maintain your garden. We’ll also take you through the five best autumnal plants to add some seasonal spice. 

7 Autumn Gardening Jobs & Maintenance Tips

  1. Clear away leaves: Fallen leaves may look pretty on a lawn, but can rot if left for too long – not to mention being a slip hazard. Clear away leaves from your lawn, footpaths or any other surfaces – you could place these leaves piles into corners of the garden for local wildlife to enjoy, or simply place them in the green waste bin.
  2. Look after your lawn: As well as raking away dead leaves, you may wish to aerate the soil, too, by making holes in the surface using special equipment – this brings fresh oxygen to the soil. If you’re searching for a lawn that’s low-maintenance all year round, opt for artificial grass, as it mimics the beautiful appearance of natural turf without the upkeep. If you have artificial grass already, make use of our maintenance packages to keep it looking its absolute best.
  3. Tidy borders and clear dead foliage: Browning or decaying foliage is unattractive for a garden, so clip away any past-it leaves and stems, taking care to remove any fallen debris too. Also remove weeds to stop them taking hold, and spread fresh compost or manure.
  4. Be pond-savvy: Clear away leaves from your pond’s surface before they sink to the bottom and rot. Now might be the time to cover the pond with netting to prevent more leaves from dropping on to the surface. Also, store away any elements of your pond or fountain that will be unused over winter to make sure they don’t languish in the cold.
  5. Repair garden structures: Check fences, pergolas, sheds and other structures for signs of rot, sagging or general dilapidation. The harsh winter weather will only exacerbate these faults further, and so now’s the time to repair them before the weather turns.
  6. Empty bird boxes and feeders: Old feed or debris from birds may carry disease, so once summer is over, it’s best to clear them out and give them a wash in warm water.
  7. Get planting: Herald the beginning of autumn by planting some fresh bulbs and seeds – you may need to do these some months in advance to enjoy the effects in autumn. Read on to see our next section on the best plants to bring some autumn colour to your garden.

5 Garden Plants for Autumn Colour

Bring the warm, cosy colours of the season to your back garden by incorporating autumn plants and flowers. Let’s have a look at the most viable choices for British gardens: 

  • Winter Aconite: The bright yellow of this flower is akin to buttercups, and is best grown in shady spots, such as under trees or shrubs. 
  • Aster: The purple flower of the Aster is pierced by a striking orange centre, making them a truly eye-catching addition to any garden. They flower during late summer and early autumn – keep them in sunny, airy spots. 
  • Virginia Creeper: With distinctive leaves and veining, this creeper is a beautiful touch for any home. The leaves turn a burnt-red colour in the colder months to give your garden an autumnal glow. 
  • Cotoneaster: The sprinkle of red berries that this plant produces in autumn put on a spectacular display that will add charm to your garden. As shrubs, they are ideal for borders and entranceways. 
  • Autumn Crocus: As their name suggests, this pale purple flower blooms in September and October time. While its colours aren’t traditionally autumnal, it adds a stunning, crisp appearance to gardens that make it perfect for the chilly season. 


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