How to Make the Best Garden Football Pitch

Posted: July 29, 2020

Playing football in the back garden is a treasured pastime for children all over the world, and has been for generations. Players of all abilities, from casual Sunday league midfielders to the world’s elite, first got to grips with the ball in their gardens. In this article, Easigrass Essex are going to show you how you can turn your garden into a football pitch fit for a professional, filling the gap left by the absence of Euro 2020. 


What’s a football pitch without goals? Jumpers for goalposts are iconic, but nothing beats the feeling of seeing your shot hit the back of the net, so make sure there’s something for a budding striker to aim for or a fledgling goalkeeper to protect. A small goal is ideal for honing accuracy as well as giving younger goalkeepers more of a chance, and there are larger goals available for older players. If you’re a handy person, you could even build your own. 


If you want to go for a truly authentic experience, pitch markings are the way to go. Not only do they add to the feel of a proper football pitch, but they’re also useful for practicing certain skills, like freekicks and finishing from different angles. Perhaps most importantly for some, these lines can prevent on-pitch disputes as to whether or not the ball was over the line or not.

The markings also add a bit of character to your garden, even when you’re not having a kickabout. If you don’t want to add lines to your lawn, then you can use training cones to mark out different areas of the pitch. 


You wouldn’t catch Arsenal taking to the pitch at The Emirates and having to step over bits of debris and dog mess, would you? Make sure your pitch is clear of any unpleasantness and things that could cause injury like sticks or wayward sharp objects, so nothing can get in the way of the players. 

Pitch Layout

As fun as it is, there are some potential issues with garden football, namely involving the ball itself. An errant shot flying over the fence, towards some beautiful-but-delicate flowers, or the kitchen window are all real hazards, so you should plan for them accordingly. If possible, position any goals away from breakable objects – this means that wayward efforts are less likely to kill your petunias or shatter your window. While getting the ball back from your neighbour might be annoying, it’s nothing compared to having to fork out for some new double glazing. 

Crowd Noise

The goals are up, the lines are painted, and the players are on the pitch. But what about the crowd? If you’ve got a portable speaker, why not put it in the garden and pipe in some crowd noise to create a bit of atmosphere? If it’s good enough for the Premier League, it’s good enough for anywhere! What’s more, it’s great for younger children who harbour dreams of playing at Wembley one day. 


The best players deserve the best surface, and there’s no better surface than the artificial turf from Easigrass. Beautiful to look at, incredibly durable and easy to clean, our fake grass is ideal for creating the best back garden football pitch, with no need to worry about scuffs and divots. 

Whether you’d just like a kickabout in your garden or you’d like to create a space for your children to hone their skills, follow the advice above to create the ideal garden football pitch and be the envy of your neighbours.


Easigrass Essex are leading providers of the highest quality artificial turf in Romford, Basildon, Chelmsford, Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas. Our award-winning turf can be laid in any size or shape for homes and businesses alike, ensuring you have a beautiful surface to use all year-round. We also offer regular maintenance services to keep your turf in top condition. For more information, please contact us today.

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