Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

Posted: February 26, 2020

For homeowners who are sick of maintaining normal grass, artificial grass is usually a godsend – but many pause on the decision because they wonder whether it will be safe for their beloved furry friends. Luckily, the majority of modern artificial grass is perfectly safe for pets, and it even has a few more benefits for your pet’s quality of life than ordinary grass. However, there are still a few things you need to know when choosing a new artificial lawn to ensure your pets can enjoy it fully and safely. 

Things to know about artificial grass for pets:

  • What to avoid:

Pets love to chew on artificial grass, and it is usually non-toxic, so this isn’t a problem. However, sometimes old or imported artificial grass can have a backing that contains lead, so make sure you check. Also, a product called ‘shock pad’ should be avoided if you have pets. It is a cushioning surface that is used to make areas around children’s playground equipment safe, but pet urine does not drain through it like water does, and it can leave a bad smell behind. 

  • Removing their business:

Most pet owners worry about whether their pet’s faeces and urine will damage the artificial grass, or leave residual smells. However, artificial lawn actually lets urine drain away like rainwater, and you can easily remove waste the same way you do on an ordinary lawn – by picking it up and then hosing the area down. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance:

To ensure there is no lingering smell from your pet’s business, and to keep it looking lush, we recommend occasionally cleaning your artificial lawn with a bicarbonate of soda and vinegar solution, or simply soapy water. Another way to look after your lawn is to give it a brush up where the grass has been compacted, this will maintain its fresh look. 

Advantages of artificial grass for pets:

  • Resilient:

Artificial grass is much more durable than natural lawn. If your pets love rough play then they probably leave big holes and patches in your natural grass. However, with artificial grass, no matter how much they tear around the garden, it will stay looking perfect.

  • Clean paws:

Unlike natural lawn, artificial grass doesn’t get muddy in winter. This means you don’t have to worry about cleaning muddy paw prints off the floor after your dog unexpectedly runs inside. 

  • Short grass:

If you don’t mow a natural lawn very often then the overgrown grass can be intimidating for a small animal, but with an artificial lawn it will always be the right height. It also remains comfortable and soft for pets to lay on, and creates an inviting outdoor area for them.

  • No chemicals:

Artificial grass can be safer than normal grass when it comes to animals chewing on the grass. This is because with an artificial lawn there is no need to use fertilisers, pesticides or weed killers on the grass to keep it looking nice. So you don’t have to worry about your pet eating something which could be poisonous. 


Here at Easigrass Essex, we offer high-quality, technologically advanced artificial grass products that are perfect for your pets. Our Easi-Pet grass is specially designed to stop moisture retention and prevent unpleasant smells, it is also non-toxic, and durable enough for your pet’s rough play. We also provide EasiZeo grass infill, which lowers odour buildup and is a safer and more effective alternative to silica sand infill. If you are interested in our pet-friendly grass products, why don’t you get in touch today?

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